San Joaquin Valley Grape Symposium

Welcome: George Zhuang, Viticulture Advisor, UCCE Fresno County
– Use Weather Station and Cultural Practices to Minimize Disease Damage George Zhuang, Viticulture Advisor, UCCE Fresno County
– Evaluate Sunpreme on Different Trellis, Rootstocks, and Nutrient Scenarios Dr. Matthew Fidelibus, Department of Viticulture and Enology, UCD
-Laws and Regulations Shawn Athayasay, Fresno Agricultural Commissioner

-Coordinator: Karl Lund, Viticulture Advisor, Madera, Merced, and Mariposa Counties
– Grapevine Powdery Mildew and Bunch Rot Management Dr. Akif Eskalen, Department of Plant Pathology, UCD
– USDA ARS Raisin Breeding Program Dr. Summaira Riaz, Research Geneticist, USDA ARS at Parlier – BLOOM Fresh Raisin Breeding Program Dr. Chris Owens, BLOOM Fresh International

– Natural DOV Raisin Grower Panel Discussion Austin Hubbell, Marthedal Enterprises, Inc. Steve Cardoza, Cardoza Farm LLC Al Smith, Smith Vineyard LLC


C.P.D.E.S Hall
Easton CA


Ene 10 2024

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  • Zona horaria: America/New_York
  • Fecha: Ene 10 2024
  • Hora: 01:00 – 06:00


Fresno County Viticulture, UC, EEUU
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