Update on Decay Control and Rind Disorders Control. The new CITROSOL tools

Fresh citrus decay control and management of resistance. – Dr. John Golding (20 min)Control of postharvest decay is essential for the successful marketing of citrus. The effective use of postharvest fungicides will be reviewed. The development of resistance to commonly used postharvest fungicides can occur due to poor post-harvest management practices. A survey of the results of fungicide resistance will be presented and practical measures to control the decay caused by Penicillium sp. with tolerance to fungicides will be discussed.

Fortisol® Ca and Fortisol® Ca Plus. – Dr. Benito Orihuel (20 min)
These are two CITROSOL products widely used in citrus packinghouses around the world. Both are excellent tools for rind disorders control (F Ca) and resistance management (F Ca Plus). Since recently they have been approved for use in Australia, we will present the data and experience we have regarding the benefits of their use.


Jul 29 2021

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  • Fecha: Jul 29 2021
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