SIRHA 2023

The World Hospitality and Food Service Event
Sirha associates all the trades with all the networks and companies of different sizes, manufacturers and distributors. Within 12 sectors Sirha brings together 3770 exhibitors and brands, 24 contests for all the trades and 8 animations stages.

Who visits? 225 031 professionals!

All the players of the foodservice come together at Sirha

225 031professionals (+ 8 % vs 2017)
Including 14% International

A springboard to boost your export sales
30 581 foreign visitors from 152 countries
Top 10 visitor countries

7 market influences decrypted and illustrated

Food Service Vision and Sirha carried out a worldwide multisource survey designed to outline the major influences in the Food Service industry. 7 influences have been identified and illustrated in the Innovations & New Products Area, as part of the restaurant’s concepts at 6e Sens, and through conferences and demonstrations staged by Food Studio as well as on Sirha TV.

A new approach to the place of animals in our food
Our planet at the heart of our preoccupations
Toward more natural and healthier offering
Proximity, origin, local… or back to the sources
Discovering new exotic flavours
Solutions to make life easier for chefs and their guests
Offering an emotional experience through the venue and in the plate

Sirha Animation Areas

The 8 animation areas showcase live labs, demonstrations, contests and talks, illustrating and unveiling Food Service trends and best practices.

Food Bank

Attesting to a strong commitment toward the environment, the association Aremacs and GL events will continue the exploratory scheme of sorting and recycling organic waste implemented during Sirha Green. The association will offer training and seek to raise awareness in both exhibitors and visitors, in partnership with several partners (Metro and Institut Paul Bocuse at the 6e Sens stage). This will include providing information and figures on the collection and recycling of waste, ensuring the organic waste collected during the trade show is returned to the earth in partnership with association ‘les Détritivores’ (part of the Territoire Zero Chômeur experimental scheme), and industrial composting of some waste products with Ecovalim.

The Food Bank wad present at the venue to collect non-used food products from the exhibitors and redistribute them. In 2019, 17 tonnes of food was collected and redistributed and 3 tonnes of bio-waste recycled by Aremacs.


Ene 19 – 23 2023

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  • Zona horaria: America/New_York
  • Fecha: Ene 18 – 23 2023
  • Hora: 18:00 – 17:59
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