MBAO, Methyl Bromide Alternatives Outreach

What is MBAO?Under the Clean Air Act and Montreal Protocol, production of methyl bromide, a widely used fumigant in agriculture and forestry that is also an ozone-depleting substance, was phased out as of January 1, 2005 but there are allowable exemptions for users who do not have technically or economically feasible alternatives, see EPA Web Site. It is critical that current efforts continue to quickly develop and implement economically viable and environmentally sound alternatives. Since 1994, agricultural and forestry researchers from governmental, academic and private institutions, as well as extension agents and users, have gathered together in this forum to share information on a variety of laboratory, field, and on-farm research and technology transfer topics.

This conference is devoted to the sharing of information on current and ongoing research into methyl bromide alternatives. Attendance in the past has surpassed 400 researchers, growers, and interested persons, with a significant level of international participation. The conference will feature concurrent sessions concerning research on alternatives to methyl bromide for preplant, post-harvest, and structural uses.

We will have «Focused Discussion» sessions, focusing on specific issues with limited presentations and significant time allocated for discussion.


Nov 03 – 05 2020

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  • Zona horaria: America/New_York
  • Fecha: Nov 02 – 05 2020
  • Hora: 18:00 – 17:59
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