IHC 2026 – The 32nd International Horticultural Congress

Exploring the diversity oh Hortiuclture

I warmly invite you to attend IHC2026 that will be held from August 23rd to 28th at the Kyoto International Conference Center (ICC Kyoto) in Kyoto, Japan.

Compared to other agricultural and plant science fields, horticultural science is the field of science that focuses on a great diversity of plants from domesticated plants called crop plants to wild plants. Furthermore, horticulture covers a wide range of fields from social sciences to medical sciences. It also covers a wide range of professions in the horticultural industry, including scientists, growers, distributors, and marketers.

The theme of IHC2026 has been set to “Exploring the Diversity of Horticulture”, therefore, to respect the diversity of horticulture and to apply it to the richness of future human life.

Please come explore with us the integrated science of horticulture, combining social science, natural science, the best in basic agricultural practices, the latest technological advances in robotics, genetics, and applications. From small household operations for local farmer’s markets, to large scale integrated supply chain management and logistics for global production, we at IHC2026 will bring the latest horticultural findings, practices, and future directions to you.

Kyoto is a former capital of Japan and one of the oldest traditional city. You can enjoy tourism in Kyoto before, after and even during the conference. Kyoto has become tourists friendly city with not only English but also Chinese and Korean signs for visitors.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the International Horticultural Congress 2026 (IHC2026) and the Japanese Society for Horticultural Science (JSHS), I am very looking forward to meeting you in Kyoto in August 2026.

La horticultura presenta opciones para nuestro mundo en transición



Kyoto, Japan
Kyoto, Japan


Ago 23 – 28 2026

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  • Zona horaria: America/New_York
  • Fecha: Ago 23 – 28 2026



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ISHS, International Society for Horticultural Science
ISHS, International Society for Horticultural Science
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International Society for Horticultural Science
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